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Did you know that 11% of homeschooled children don’t have a parent that speaks English? Or that the number of families citing religious reasons for homeschooling is declining? Or that homeschooled students have a math gap? Are you wondering who homeschools—and why? Keep abreast of the latest research with these research summaries.


Inside Homeschool Policy

Every state regulates homeschooling differently. Some states require parents to submit instruction plans and have their children’s academic progress assessed each year; other states require little or nothing. Go inside homeschool policy to compare states’ requirements and read our analysis.

No Notice: No required contact with state or local officials.
Notice Only: Notice of intent to homeschool only.
Assessment w/ Exceptions: Assessments with various exceptions.
Moderate Assessment: Assessments with low thresholds for intervention.
Thorough Assessment: Assessments combined with other provisions.

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Research Reviews

by Dr. Chelsea McCracken

Research Analysis

by Dr. Rachel Coleman

Surveys of Homeschool Literature

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