We’re excited to offer a 16-week online Introduction to Home Education course for homeschooling parents.

— Develop an individualized education plan for your child
— Choose and personalize your child’s curriculum
— Fulfill your state’s learning requirements
— Keep track of your progress and milestones.

Along the way, we’ll be here to answer questions and brainstorm with you. We can’t wait to see you in class, and we’re excited for all you and your child will learn together!

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Homeschooling In My State

Homeschooling policies and resources vary widely from state to state. We’ve gathered information to help you understand what homeschooling looks like in your state.

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We conduct research on homeschooling policies, experiences, and outcomes to inform parents and policymakers. We believe that good research promotes good homeschooling.

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We believe homeschooling policy should be evidence-based, reasonable, and consistent—and that homeschooling should never be used as a cover for child abuse or educational neglect.

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We believe good homeschooling is child-centered and evidence-based, and prepares children for an open future. We provide resources for home educators and homeschool alumni.

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We are the only child-advocacy nonprofit organization founded and run by homeschool graduates, for homeschooled children. At CRHE, we draw on our experiences being homeschool as children to advocate for homeschooled children today.

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We are the only nonprofit organization in the United States with a mission to improve the lives of homeschooled children. Founded by homeschool graduates, CRHE understands homeschooling and how homeschooled children’s needs may differ from their peers in public and private schools. We are focused on advancing evidence-based policy and designing resources with homeschooled children and their families in mind.

Your gift to CRHE will be directly applied to research, education, and advocacy with a focus on empowering children and supporting parents who are committed to providing a quality home education. We rely on the generosity of individual donors like you.

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