We believe homeschool policy should center the needs of homeschooled children.

Why Oversight?

Homeschool laws currently in effect in states across the country do little to ensure that children receive an education. While some children receive a robust education in the home, others fall through the cracks, and a growing body of evidence points to some parents’ use of homeschooling to isolate children and conceal abuse.

Policy Solutions

The CRHE team has created a set of policy recommendations we believe have the potential to help protect the interests of homeschooled children. These recommendations are based on feedback from homeschool alumni and best practices currently in place in several states. CRHE also offers draft legislation and other help.

Community Voices

Since our founding, scores of homeschool alumni have come forward with stories of abuse or educational neglect, shedding light on the factors that can cause homeschooling to fail. It is our hope that these stories will serve as a call for improvement and result in changes to improve the experiences of future homeschoolers.

Responding to Abuse & Neglect

We often hear from people worried about individual homeschooled children they know. They want to know how they can help. To respond to this need, we have brought together quality resources of child protection, along with clear information about how to recognize and report educational neglect in a homeschool setting in each state.

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