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We’re excited to offer a new, eight-week online Introduction to Home Education course for homeschooling parents who are just getting started.

— Develop an individualized education plan for your child
— Choose and personalize your child’s curriculum
— Fulfill your state’s learning requirements
— Keep track of your progress and milestones

Along the way, we’ll be here to answer questions and brainstorm with you as the school year begins. We can’t wait to see you in class, and we’re excited for all you and your child will learn and do together!

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Thank you for your interest in supporting homeschooled children and homeschooling families! Together we can fight to protect homeschooled children’s access to an education and parents’ access to the support and resources they need to homeschool successfully. 

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  • Homeschool alumni and homeschooling parents can submit their stories for publishing in our Voices for Reform section. 
  • Homeschool alumni and homeschooling parents who are willing to speak with reporters or lawmakers can sign up to become a CRHE Advocate
  • Write a letter to the editor to draw attention to the need for homeschooling statutes that more effectively support both students and parents. 

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  • Become a CRHE volunteer and contribute to a variety of projects remotely.
  • Join an existing state chapter or help form a new one.
  • Contact your state lawmakers and draw their attention to the need for better support for homeschooled children and accountability for homeschooling families.

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