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Take Action

Take Action

Founded in 2013, CRHE is the only homeschool advocacy organization founded and run by individuals who were homeschooled. We believe that homeschooling can be a positive, child-centered educational option; we also believe that children have rights, and that those rights should be safeguarded. We are still growing, and we need your support! Help us protect homeschooled children’s access to an education and promote home educators’ access to the support and resources they need to homeschool successfully.


We rely on donations from individuals like you. Most of our donors support us with small amounts. While one-time donations are extremely important, we also urge every donor to consider becoming a monthly donor. Regular monthly donations go a long way toward sustaining our mission! 

The CRHE Advocates Program.

CRHE Advocates are a passionate group of monthly donors dedicated to helping us make homeschool safe. Together, we can fight for homeschooled children’s right to a quality education in a safe, loving home.As an Advocate, you’ll get exclusive updates on CRHE from the executive director via email. From time to time, you’ll also get written letters, postcards, and CRHE merchandise by mail.

With small payments spread out month to month, becoming a monthly donor can fit almost any budget. Even $5 per month, or as much as a cup of coffee, can make a big impact!

Stay in Touch.

For updates on our efforts, sign up for our email list below. 

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Share Your Story.

We work to elevate the voices of homeschool graduates and home educators who support policies that protect and empower homeschooled children. If you are interested in sharing your story for publication on our website, you can submit it here Whether you are a homeschool graduate or simply a member of the public, you can add your name to our supporters page. Make sure to include a brief message of support!

Support Homeschooled Students in Your Community.

Check out our resource page on the various ways you can support the homeschooled students in your life and community.

Voices for Reform.

Sign-up to be notified when important legislation is happening in your state! We need your help to advocate for bills that would protect children and inform legislators when a bill would put children in harm. 

Buy Our Merch.

Support CRHE on Bonfire! Purchase CRHE branded merch to display your support for the cause, with proceeds going to our organization.