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Alumni Group Opposes Watering Down of NY’s Homeschool Law

For Immediate Release: Removing Protections Undermines Homeschooled Children’s Interests Canton, Ma., 2/27/2019—The Coalition for Responsible Home Education (CRHE), a national nonprofit organization founded by homeschool alumni to advocate for homeschooled children, is opposing New York Assembly Bill 1769…. Read More

Alumni Group Urges IA Lawmakers to Restore Previous Homeschool Law

For Immediate Release: A spate of child deaths have pointed to the need for restoring Iowa’s homeschool law to its pre-2013 form Canton, Ma., 02/14/2019—The Coalition for Responsible Home Education (CRHE) applauds Iowa state representative Mary Mascher’s introduction… Read More

SD Lawmakers Should Keep Homeschool Assessments

For Immediate Release: Supporting homeschooled students means supporting assessments Canton, Ma., 01/29/2019—Advocates for homeschooled students are urging South Dakota lawmakers to reject House Bill 1065, which would eliminate the state’s testing requirements for homeschooled students. HB 1065 was… Read More

Florida Lawmakers Should Support Homeschooled Children, Not Leave Them Adrift

For Immediate Release: Proposed legislation would limit protections for a homeschooled children when they are needed most Canton, Ma., 01/11/2018—The Coalition for Responsible Home Education (CRHE), a national nonprofit that advocates for homeschooled children, has concerns about House… Read More

New Hampshire Lawmakers Have the Opportunity to Support Homeschooled Students

For Immediate Release: HB 1263 Would Restore Needed Accountability for New Hampshire’s Homeschoolers Canton, Ma., 01/10/2018—The Coalition for Responsible Home Education (CRHE), a national nonprofit organization that advocates for homeschooled children, supports New Hampshire House Bill 1263, which… Read More

Gov. Burgum: Don’t Remove Homeschool Accountability

For Immediate Release: North Dakota lawmakers should add assessment options, not create loopholes Canton, Ma., 3/27/2017—North Dakota House Bill 1428, which would allow homeschooling parents in the state to opt out of the state’s assessment requirement if they… Read More

Statement: West Virginia and South Dakota Measures Make Homeschooled Children More Vulnerable

For Immediate Release: Limiting Assessments Hurts Homeschooled Children Canton, Ma., 3/30/16—Yesterday, Earl Ray Tomblin, Governor of West Virginia, signed House Bill 4178, deregulating homeschooling in the Mountain State. This follows the signing of a similar measure, House Bill… Read More

Statement Opposing West Virginia’s House Bill 4175

For Immediate Release: Accountability Is Critical to Homeschool Success Canton, Ma., 2/1/2016—Last year, West Virginia Governor Earl Ray Tomblin vetoed House Bill 2793 and Senate Bill 444, legislation that would have removed nearly all of the state’s protections… Read More

Statement Opposing South Dakota’s House Bill 1013

For Immediate Release: Assessments Are Important for Homeschooled Children’s Well-Being Canton, Ma., 2/1/2016—With House Bill 1013, South Dakota stands poised to remove its assessment requirement for homeschooled second graders. Currently, homeschooled students are assessed during grades two, four,… Read More

Statement Supporting Iowa’s House File 214

For Immediate Release: Homeschool Statutes Should Support Homeschooled Children Canton, Ma., 3/6/15—Iowa lawmakers are considering restoring oversight that has historically safeguarded the interests of homeschooled children in the state. House File 214, which is currently before the house… Read More

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