Homeschool Alumni Support South Dakota HB 1110

For Immediate Release: When parents fail to report children’s births, children struggle to prove their own existence Canton, Ma., 01/31/2019—With the introduction of House Bill 1110, South Dakota has once again proven itself at the forefront of the… Read More

SD Lawmakers Should Keep Homeschool Assessments

For Immediate Release: Supporting homeschooled students means supporting assessments Canton, Ma., 01/29/2019—Advocates for homeschooled students are urging South Dakota lawmakers to reject House Bill 1065, which would eliminate the state’s testing requirements for homeschooled students. HB 1065 was… Read More

Statement: West Virginia and South Dakota Measures Make Homeschooled Children More Vulnerable

For Immediate Release: Limiting Assessments Hurts Homeschooled Children Canton, Ma., 3/30/16—Yesterday, Earl Ray Tomblin, Governor of West Virginia, signed House Bill 4178, deregulating homeschooling in the Mountain State. This follows the signing of a similar measure, House Bill… Read More

Statement Opposing South Dakota’s House Bill 1013

For Immediate Release: Assessments Are Important for Homeschooled Children’s Well-Being Canton, Ma., 2/1/2016—With House Bill 1013, South Dakota stands poised to remove its assessment requirement for homeschooled second graders. Currently, homeschooled students are assessed during grades two, four,… Read More