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Homeschool Group: Colorado HB 20-1144 Would Harm Children

For Immediate Release: Children have a right to safety, liberty, and dignity 02/10/2020–The Coalition for Responsible Home Education (CRHE), a national nonprofit organization that advocates for homeschooled children, is urging Colorado lawmakers to reject House Bill 20-1144, which… Read More

Action Needed: CO Bills HB20-1063 and HB20-1144

Representatives Geitner (R, district 19) and Pelton (R, district 65) have introduced a piece of legislation they are calling “Fundamental Family Rights” (HB20-1063) and “Parent’s Bill of Rights” (HB20-1144). This is an attack on the rights of all children with potentially severe impacts on homeschooled students.

Homeschooling Used to Hide Colorado Child Abuse Death: Pattern Implicated

For Immediate Release: Lax Homeschooling Laws Offer Abusive Parents a Way to Hide Child Fatalities Canton, Ma., 01/14/2019—On December 23, the body of 7-year-old Caden McWilliams was discovered in a storage unit in Denver, Colorado. Police believe that… Read More

Linda P.: “I wish I could paint a happy ending to this story”

“I want families who choose this route to have a tremendous homeschool experience. After hearing about the Turpin case, like many others with homeschool experience, I believe changes needed to be made in the laws.” My name is… Read More

Eleanor Skelton: “I saw no balance”

“My homeschooling put me on the dean’s list in college. But I didn’t know anything about life beyond academics. … My parents focused so much on academics, shunning extracurricular activities, that I had no idea how to do anything else.”

Cynthia Jeub: “I wasn’t really taught anything after I was ten years old”

“In the state of Colorado, homeschooled students are required to take placement tests every couple of years. There’s an exemption for parents who are certified teachers. My dad had a bachelor’s degree in English, and had taught it briefly, so we never took any tests.”

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