Month: October 2015

Statement Regarding Janiya Thomas

For Immediate Release: Florida Child’s Death Related to Lack of Oversight for Homeschooling Canton, Ma., 10/20/15—On Sunday, October 18th, eleven-year-old Janiya Thomas’s body was found in her mother’s freezer. Janiya was last seen in August of 2014, but… Read More

How Homeschooling Prepared Me for the Peace Corps

By Hännah Ettinger The first time I set foot in a public school for academic reasons was the day I took the SAT. I was almost late because I’d run back into the house twice (pencils, calculator; lunch) and had… Read More

Lynne A.: “I wasn’t protected at all”

“If not for the Religious Exemption clause, my parents would have had to, at the very least, turn in my standardized test scores to the county officials. I think it would have strongly encouraged my parents to educate me better.”

Katrina B.: “My parents sincerely tried their best”

“I believe oversight of homeschooling is a necessary starting point. I also encourage parents who are homeschooling to actively distinguish their roles as teacher and parent. I encourage them to learn about the effects of social contact on children’s brain development, and follow the recommendations of mental health professionals for each age group.”