Valerie: “I know that not everyone in my position is so lucky”

At first, being home seemed fun and easy. However, as the subjects progressed, I felt myself falling behind. I would overhear other kids at the co-op talking about their classes and I was never learning about any of… Read More

Virginia Bill Would Let Homeschooled Students Play Sports

For Immediate Release: Alumni Group Says HB 226 Is Good for Homeschooled Students 02/12/2020—The Coalition for Responsible Home Education (CRHE), a national nonprofit founded by homeschool alumni to advocate for homeschooled children, is urging Virginia lawmakers to support… Read More

Virginia Bill to Block Homeschool Birth Certificate Requirement Should Be Opposed

For Immediate Release: House bill would prevent school districts from verifying identity of homeschooled students Canton, Ma., 01/14/2019—Virginia House Bill 2654, introduced by Delegate Christopher Head this week, would prevent school districts from asking homeschooling parents for any… Read More

Governor McAuliffe: Sign House Bill 1578

For Immediate Release: Access to public school athletics programs provides homeschooled students with substantial benefits Canton, Ma. 02/17/2017—Homeschooled students in Virginia have long been barred from participating in public school athletics programs governed by the Virginia High School… Read More

Statement Supporting Virginia Senate Bill 612 and House Bill 131

For Immediate Release: Access to Public School Athletics Improves Homeschool Outcomes Canton, Ma., 2/16/16—Last year House Bill 1626, which would have granted homeschooled students access to public school athletics, passed the House (57-41) and the Senate (22-13) only… Read More

Lynne A.: “I wasn’t protected at all”

“If not for the Religious Exemption clause, my parents would have had to, at the very least, turn in my standardized test scores to the county officials. I think it would have strongly encouraged my parents to educate me better.”

Statement Supporting Virginia’s House Bill 1626

For Immediate Release: Public School Sports Access Benefits Homeschooled Students Canton, Ma., 3/13/2015—The Virginia High School League (VHSL) requires student athletes to be regular students at the school they represent, thus barring homeschooled students from participation. House Bill… Read More

Statement on the Goochland County School Board

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Homeschool Alumni and Advocates Ask Goochland County School Board To Give Students a Voice in Religious Exemption Policy Goochland County, Va.—On Tuesday, January 13th, the school board in Goochland County, Virginia, repealed a new policy… Read More

Sarah Jones: “I’ve been lucky”

“Standardized testing isn’t enough. I performed well on those tests, but still received a substandard education. Parents should be required to submit curriculum plans to the local district every year, and they should also be required to adhere to certain basic academic standards. School district officials should also be trained to recognize signs of abuse in homeschool families.”

Virginia: House Joint Resolution No. 92

Delegate Thomas Rust of Virginia (R, 86th District) has proposed House Joint Resolution No. 92, which would request the Virginia Department of Education to conduct a study on Virginia’s religious homeschooling exemption and make recommendations to the legislature…. Read More

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