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How to Pursue Healing and Justice as a Homeschool Alumni

This article does not constitute the giving of legal or medical advice. For specific legal or medical advice, consult with an attorney or a health care professional. If you’re a homeschool alum who was abused or neglected growing… Read More

Song HyoA: “They mold me into an identity that is perfect for them, but not for me”

“It takes time, dedication, experience, expertise, money, resources, and structure to homeschool your children, not just spending dollars on a curriculum that will not help them get into university. You give your children a future that changes their… Read More

Amber Moore: “Nobody could help me except myself”

“The cognitive dissonance grew so intolerable that it took me down a road that led me to throw away many of the beliefs I grew up having.” I am 25 years old and I am the middle child… Read More

Mary T.: “Homeschooling tends to attract parents who value control”

“I was terrified to make my own decisions, unsure of my ability to survive outside of my parents’ controlling framework.” I was my family’s “first.” The first to learn to read at home. The first to complete K-12… Read More

Danielle C.: “The state never followed up on my education”

“Enforcing the current requirements that Indiana has in place could help to prevent children like me from slipping through the cracks.” As Gloria Steinem said, “The final stage of healing is using what happens to you to help… Read More

Amy W.: “Supporting homeschool oversight is the least we can do”

“I lived in a continuous state of fear and learned helplessness. I was afraid to make even the smallest decisions for myself.” My family began homeschooling in 1991, the year my older sister was set to enter kindergarten…. Read More

Educational Neglect

An Overview for Policymakers While homeschooling can provide children with a positive, innovative education, it does not always. Many formerly homeschooled students who experienced educational neglect are adamant that better standards for homeschooling would have improved in their… Read More

A Bill of Rights for Homeschooled Children

Bill of Rights for Homeschooled Children Add your signature to the Bill of Rights here! 1,464 supporters have signed so far. We, a group of homeschool graduates who work for, volunteer for, and serve on the board of… Read More

How to Make Your Homeschool Community Safe

Over the past several decades, organizations across the country have instituted child protection policies. In recent years, churches have joined this trend as well, instituting background checks and other child abuse prevention measures. Your homeschool community, too, should… Read More

Homeschool Umbrella Schools

While some families homeschool “autonomously,” choosing and implementing their own curriculum and carefully meeting the requirements of their state’s homeschool law, other families prefer the additional support offered by homeschool umbrella schools.  In homeschool umbrella schools:  Students are… Read More