Self Education Resources

This is a growing list of books and resources about healing from trauma and self education compiled by homeschool alumni. If you have a resource to add please fill out the form at the end of this page.

Healing from Adverse Childhood Experiences & Trauma

Healing from Religious Abuse, Sexual Abuse, and Purity Culture

Healing from Abuse due to being LGBTQIA+

Homeschool Alumni Stories & Memoirs

Undoing White Supremacist Thinking

  • White Homework Podcast by Tori Glass
  • This List Of Books, Films And Podcasts About Racism Is A Start, Not A Panacea: “To help people be better allies, lists of antiracist books, films and podcasts are being published in droves. … You’ll find research on how racism permeates everything from the criminal justice system to health care.”
  • White Allyship 101: Resources to Get to Work: “The Dismantle Collective desires to be a starting point for white allies to do the work and engage in analysis, education, and action on anti-racism. The following documents may be used as tools to educate yourself, your peers, employees, committees, etc.”
  • 31 Resources That Will Help You Become a Better White Ally: “Being an effective white ally to Black people is a continuous process, consisting of both education and action. No matter where we are in the ongoing journey of recognizing our privilege and unlearning harmful behaviors and attitudes, there is always more we can do to fight white supremacy and racial injustice.” 

Online Communities & Resources

  • The Reclamation Collective: The term “deconstruction” is applied and misapplied to so many religious contexts today. It can be difficult to understand deconstruction’s meaning and purpose within a larger spectrum of religious growth. The Reclamation Collective authored the term years ago, and continues to provide support for people in their religious journeys. You’ll find space to process pain and confusion from spiritual abuse whether you were/are a Christian or the member of another religion. There are also specific support groups hosted for LGBT+ and people of color as they become available, hosted by Reclamation Collective staff. A cost applies for each program/support group session (about 6-8 weeks), with a sliding scale available for low-income attendants.
  • Crisis Survival Skill: Tapping | Recommended to play the video 2-3x Crisis Survival Skill: Ice pack on the left side of neck, on the sternum, or held in the hands to soothe extreme emotions down to a level manageable enough for choosing coping skills.  
  • r/HomeschoolRecovery: Subreddit for homeschool alumni

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