Homeschool Organization Has Advice for New Homeschooling Parents

For Immediate Release: The Coalition for Responsible Home Education is offering an introductory course for new homeschooling families 07/16/2020—In the midst of a global pandemic and the potential for widespread rolling school closures in the fall, the Coalition… Read More

Homeschool Group Offers Advice to Educators

For Immediate Release: Group run by homeschool alumni promotes research on distance learning and supporting socially isolated students 05/12/2020—The Coalition for Responsible Children (CRHE) believes research on homeschooling and online schooling has much to offer educators as they… Read More

Homeschool Group Publishes Report for Child Welfare Workers

For Immediate Release: Group run by homeschool alumni advises social workers on supports for children isolated due to COVID-19 05/12/2020—The Coalition for Responsible Children (CRHE) is offering advice to child welfare professionals on supporting children isolated at home… Read More

Why Can’t a School Act if an At-Risk Child Is Withdrawn to Be Homeschooled?

When we began our Homeschooling’s Invisible Children database, we quickly noticed many cases where a child was removed to be homeschooled following a concerning history of family services involvement. We recommend creating a background check process to screen… Read More

Do I Need Membership in a Homeschool Protection Agency?

When the modern homeschool movement began in the 1970s, some parents found ways to homeschool under existing laws while others sought permission from local school boards or homeschooled ‘under the radar.’ As the number of families interested in… Read More

Adult Basic Education for the Educationally Neglected Homeschool Graduate

By Kierstyn Darkwater I have always wanted to go to college. I’ve always been a motivated learner, and the pseudo-classroom environments I occasionally had with other homeschoolers and parents armed with teacher’s guides were places I really enjoyed being… Read More

New State Homeschool Histories! (GA & TN)

At the Coalition for Responsible Home Education, we are in the process of creating individual state histories of homeschooling in an effort to provide some context for current homeschooling law. The history of homeschooling is different in each state, and… Read More

Resources for Homeschooling Parents!

As August approaches, parents across the country are thinking about school again, and for homeschooling parents, that means curriculum planning and/or activity scheduling! At the Coalition for Responsible Home Education, we work to support homeschooling parents in providing the… Read More

So You Have a Deficient Homeschool Education. What Next?

If you were homeschooled, but have reached adulthood with a deficient education, you should know that this is not your fault—and that you are not alone. Don’t give up hope! You can get through this. Josh Powell reached adulthood… Read More

What To Do if You Suspect Educational Deprivation

The diversity of homeschooling law has a significant impact on how failure to educate in a homeschool setting is approached from a legal perspective. As I struggled last week to explain this to a colleague, I found using… Read More

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