Kansas Should Strengthen Its Mandatory Reporter Laws

For Immediate Release: Contact with Mandatory Reporters Could Have Saved Homeschooled Adrian Jones Canton, Ma., 5/18/2017—On Tuesday, May 16th, the Kansas House Committee on Federal and State Affairs heard testimony on House Bill 2425, introduced in response to… Read More

Statement Regarding Adrian Jones

For Immediate Release: Kansas Child’s Death Related to Lack of Oversight for Homeschooling Canton, Ma., 12/03/2015: On Thanksgiving day, police found the remains of a child in a barn owned by Michael and Heather Jones. It is believed that… Read More

Statement Supporting Kansas’ Senate Bill 60

For Immediate Release: Homeschooled Students Benefit from Extracurricular Access Canton, Ma.—The Kansas State High School Activities Association (KSHSAA) requires student athletes to be students at the school they represent, thus barring homeschooled students from participation. Senate Bill 60… Read More

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