Month: May 2016

Emilie Huffman: “This has been a love letter to my mom”

“Mathematics education is a very important focus area in homeschooling, as there is evidence for a homeschool math gap, and many anecdotal accounts of homeschooled girls in particular receiving subpar mathematics education.”

Do I Need Membership in a Homeschool Protection Agency?

When the modern homeschool movement began in the 1970s, some parents found ways to homeschool under existing laws while others sought permission from local school boards or homeschooled ‘under the radar.’ As the number of families interested in… Read More

Jessica A.: “Homeschool is an abusive parent’s dream”

“I support homeschool oversight because most child abuse is committed by parents against their own children. I believe people oppose homeschool oversight because most people only worry about their own kids. They won’t admit it, but as long as their own kids aren’t at risk, even “good” homeschoolers just don’t care.”