Homeschooling Through COVID-19

The Coalition for Responsible Home Education is offering resources to help families navigate their children’s education through this pandemic. On this page you’ll find recommendations for utilizing the time during school closures; encouragement for parents supervising school at home; and information on working with your child’s school and supporting your child.

Your child may be at home, but they are still enrolled in school. Each school district should be providing its students with educational materials and staying in regular communication with families and students. Your child’s school may be closed, but your child’s teacher is still responsible for their education. If you haven’t heard from your child’s teacher, you should reach out to them. You should not need to create or purchase a curriculum for your child. Your child’s teacher and school should be there as a resource for you during this period.

Some families may be looking for ways to supplement the resources provided by their child’s school while others may be considering withdrawing their child from school and homeschooling them indefinitely. If you choose to withdraw your child from school, you will need to learn your state’s homeschool law. You will no longer be able to use your child’s school and teacher as a resource, but you will have more flexibility and will not have to follow curriculum or assignments put together by your school district. Click here for a guide to getting started homeschooling.

Advice from Our Team

Each of the articles in this slider contains advice, encouragement, and ideas for those at home with their children, all from the perspective of individuals who were once homeschooled. Two were written by our executive director, who is currently educating her own children at home due to COVID-19, and one is written by a homeschool gradraduate who has been a public school teacher for 15 years and is now working to support her students while her school is closed.

  • Help! I'm Homeschooling! #COVID19

Keys to Success

The three articles in the slider below are written by young adults who were homeschooled successfully. In each, the author discusses what their parents did well, offering practical tips and suggestions that parents educating their children at home even temporarily will find helpful.

  • My Parents Homeschooled Me Successfully (Here’s How!)

Educational Resources

Whether parents are using materials provided by their children’s school or setting out to homeschool independently, there are many educational resources available online right now. Many of these resources encourage child-centered, hands-on or interactive learning. Some may be fun to do as a family; others may keep help children busy while their caregivers work from home.

We do not currently vet homeschool curriculum or offer official curriculum recommendations. Many responsible homeschooling families have said good things about Calvert, which is currently offering a 3 month free trial. However, online programs in general have a poor record, and online curriculum should not replace parent/child interaction or hands-on, project-based learning.

Have a look at this compilation of resources by school level created by a school district in Tennessee — K-5 Resource Links; 6-8 Resource Links; 9-12 Resource Links — or click through for a list of resources curated by us, complete with commentary, ideas, and tips.