A Call for CRHE Volunteers

This week the Coalition for Responsible Home Education turns six months old. Our mission of raising awareness about the need for homeschooling reform and advocating for responsible home education practices has struck a chord, and we’ve received support from homeschooling parents and homeschool alumni across the country.

One of our primary features is our testimonial section, where homeschooled alumni and homeschooling parents write about their experiences and connect them to our call for reform. Over time, we have published several testimonials from homeschooled alumni who had positive experiences and who affirm our mission. You can read more about these testimonials here.

We invite all current and former homeschooling parents and homeschooled students who are supportive of CRHE’s mission and goals to contribute to our efforts by writing a testimonial grounding their support for CRHE in their experiences. Instructions for how to write and submit your own testimonial can be found here.

We are also looking for volunteers who are interested in contributing to our mission with blog posts or short research projects, or by helping us with fundraising and spreading the word. If you are interested in contributing in these or other ways, we encourage you to fill out our volunteer form.

You may also contribute to CRHE by donating to our Paypal account here. Every dime we raise will go towards our overhead and making sure we can continue advocacy for responsible homeschooling. We have filed for 501c3 nonprofit status with the IRS and hope to hear back from them in the next few months. Once we received 501c3 status, all donations made to us, past and future, will be tax-deductible.

Here’s to many more anniversaries to come!

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