Month: September 2016

Secretary King Is Right: Homeschoolers Need More Options

For Immediate Release: Small Changes Would Increase the Resources Available to Homeschooled Students Canton, Ma., 9/23/16—This week, as reported by Politico, Education Secretary John B. King, Jr., made the following statements about homeschooling: Education Secretary John B. King… Read More

The “Unsocialized Homeschooler” and “Uneducated Homeschooler” Narratives

Last month, I dealt with the narratives that surround homeschooled elite athletes like Simone Biles, musical wunderkind, and homeschoolers who attend college early or gain admission to Ivy League schools. Like many other homeschooled students I knew, I… Read More

Public Funding for Homeschooling Is Not a Solution to Failing Public Schools

Discussions surrounding education have increasingly posited school choice as a solution to failing schools. Competition, the argument goes, will increase school quality overall. These discussions have often centered on the use of public funding to promote school choice… Read More