Month: June 2016

Statement on Texas Supreme Court Homeschool Decision

For Immediate Release: Texas Supreme Court Sends Homeschool Case Back to Lower Courts Canton, Ma., 6/29/2016—On Friday, June 24, the Texas Supreme Court issued its ruling in a long-standing dispute between a homeschooling family and a local school district. Although the… Read More

Roianna: “I think complete dysregulation is dangerous and harmful”

“While I was researching what I would need to do to homeschool, I was stunned to find that in Texas homeschooling is completely unregulated. . . . Professionally I am a counselor. [At one point] I was working with people struggling with substance use disorders and trapped in poverty. . . . A sizeable portion had left school because their parents pulled them out, allegedly to homeschool them.”

CRHE Statement on Alex Radita

June 8, 2016 As homeschool alumni, we are always grieved to hear about homeschooled children whose lives end tragically early. This week Rodica and Emil Radita of Calgary, Canada, have been on trial for the 2013 death of… Read More

W. S. Hunter: “Parents are flawed people, like all of us”

“Now that I am a parent myself, I recognize the pride and naivety of any parent—no matter how loving and well-meaning—who thinks they can be the sole adult and authority in their kids’ lives