Support a Sustainable Future for CRHE

Dear CRHE Supporter,

As a medical professional, I’ve seen first-hand the importance of advocating for every child’s right to a safe, healthy environment. It was this experience, and my background as a homeschool alumna, that brought me to the Coalition for Responsible Home Education. I’m honored to be CRHE’s first salaried part-time executive director. My position is the result of a campaign that succeeded because of many incredible members of the CRHE community that contributed time, resources, and support.

I want to thank you personally for your help in bringing CRHE to this moment. It’s because of supporters like you that we can now look toward our next phase in growth and sustainability as an organization. To keep fulfilling our mission now and in the future, I urgently ask for your support.

This year, CRHE is taking our fundraising work to new heights. To kick off our new campaign, we need to achieve two goals by the end of September: securing $5,000 in donations and pledges, and gaining 10 new monthly donors.

This may sound like a lot – but I’m confident we can reach both goals by the end of this month. Thanks to the generosity of our supporters, we’ve already reached 40% of our monthly goal. And just a small gift of $5/month would help accomplish this task.

Let me tell you why this fundraising goal is so important.

CRHE’s dedicated staff is working around the clock to help and advocate for homeschooled children and families. We’re developing a new resource, Charting Your Own Course, to help homeschooled teens get ready for college. We’re continuing to update our Homeschooling’s Invisible Children database and our state pages with information on homeschooling across the U.S. We’re providing an authoritative voice for homeschooled children in the media, like we did this year in the Washington Post. We’re fighting legislation that would harm homeschooled children, like we did successfully last year in Michigan. We’re building community for homeschool alumni on social media with our regular #HomeschoolChat events. And we’re planning a leadership summit to help advocacy organizations combat parental rights extremism.

But we’re doing all this with very few resources. I’m CRHE’s first salaried employee, but I’m the only one. The rest of our dedicated staff are still volunteers. And if we’re going to help more homeschooled children, we need to take the next step as an organization. For years, we’ve been defending homeschooled children against bad legislation that has systematically stripped away their rights and protections. Now, it’s time to go on the offense.

To do that, CRHE must develop our acclaimed policy recommendations into model legislation that state legislators can use to fix the broken system of homeschooling. Our recommendations lay out simple, common-sense solutions that would close the child abuse loophole and make homeschooling safer for more children. CRHE is the only organization advocating for these lifesaving changes in homeschooling policy.

But to take our advocacy to the next level, we need to work towards a sustainable future. There’s no way around it: we can’t do what needs to be done without your help.

That’s why we need you to give to CRHE today and get us closer to our goal. Make a monthly gift if you can, a one-time gift if you can’t. CRHE is the only voice for homeschool children and alumni whose voices have been silenced. Help make that voice loud enough for the whole world to hear.

Angela Grimberg (she/her)
Executive Director
Coalition for Responsible Home Education

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