Our Mission

The Coalition for Responsible Home Education empowers homeschooled children by educating the public and advocating for child-centered, evidence-based policy and practices for families and professionals.

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Every homeschooled child deserves a quality education in a loving, safe, and supportive home.

We believe homeschooling can provide a positive, empowering education. We conduct research, advocate for evidence-based homeschooling policy, and develop resources that help parents and children succeed. We are a child advocacy nonprofit founded and run by individuals who were homeschooled, focused on the rights of children who are homeschooled.


Homeschooling In My State

Homeschooling policies and resources vary widely from state to state. We’ve gathered information to help you understand what homeschooling looks like in your state.

Research on Homeschooling

We conduct research on homeschooling policies, experiences, and outcomes to inform parents and policymakers. We believe that good research promotes good homeschooling.

Advocacy for Homeschooled Children

We believe homeschooling policy should be evidence-based, reasonable, and consistent—and that homeschooling should never be used as a cover for child abuse or educational neglect.

Resources for Families & Alumni

We believe good homeschooling is child-centered and evidence-based, and prepares children for an open future. We provide resources for home educators and homeschool alumni.

Children’s Rights & Homeschooling

At CRHE, we draw on our experiences being homeschooled as children to advocate for homeschooled children today. We believe in empowering homeschooled children and in creating safeguards and supports to prepare children for an open future. Read our stories.                                                               

You can make a difference.

Your support for CRHE funds research, advocacy, and resources to make homeschooling a more rewarding, safe, creative, and effective educational experience for more children.

We’re grateful for everything you do to improve the lives of homeschooled children.

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