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Parental-Rights Extremism

For decades, parental-rights extremism and the homeschooling movement were synonymous. Christian extremists in the U.S. used the concept of extreme parental rights to deregulate homeschooling. Homeschooled students lost all protections from educational neglect, isolation, and abuse. These extremists were then free to enforce regressive ideas about gender and race across generations of children. Now, having honed their tactics, they are moving on to enact those ideas on society as a whole. 

The need to present a united front against these attacks on the human rights of children is as urgent as it has ever been. Advocates must work together to combat the fear-mongering, misinformation, and weaponization of familiar concepts that our opposition uses to muddy the waters and sway the unsuspecting public into giving their arguments credence.

To do just that, we’re providing you with a brand-new CRHE resource, our parental rights extremism messaging guide

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