CRHE Launches New Advocacy Program

Dear CRHE supporter,

In December, CRHE released our 2022 annual report highlighting how much monthly gifts help sustain our mission. If you’re already a recurring donor, we’re grateful for your support. If you’re interested in becoming a recurring donor, there’s never been a better time to start.

Why? Because we’re launching a brand-new program to show how much we appreciate our monthly donors: The CRHE Advocate Program. CRHE Advocates are a passionate group of monthly donors dedicated to helping us make homeschool safe for millions of children across the U.S. Together, we can fight for homeschooled children’s right to a quality education in a safe, loving home.

As an Advocate, you’ll get exclusive updates on CRHE from the executive director via email. From time to time, you’ll also get written letters, postcards, and CRHE merchandise by mail.

To celebrate the launch of our Advocate Program, we’ve set two ambitious goals to reach by April 1: 

  • Gaining 10 new monthly donors, or increasing the giving level of 10 existing ones
  • Increasing our monthly donations by $250 per month

Existing donors can increase their donations by emailing

Give to CRHE

CRHE is expanding rapidly. To sustain and grow our work, we need your help. Your monthly gifts go toward sustaining our operations.

Here’s just a glimpse of what we’ve been working on:

Consider becoming a CRHE Advocate today and provide vital support to sustain our work. Your contribution allows us to plan for the future while doing more in the present to protect homeschooled children.

Give to CRHE


Angela Grimberg
Executive Director
Coalition for Responsible Home Education

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