CRHE Board of Directors Appoints Angela Grimberg as Executive Director 


The Board of Directors of the Coalition for Responsible Home Education is pleased to announce the appointment of Angela Grimberg to the position of executive director.

Angela is a researcher and advocate who shares the organization’s mission of seeing homeschooled students protected, nurtured, and empowered. Angela advocated for her educational advancement and achievement as a homeschooled student when inadequate resources left her unprepared for college. “Having gone through the home education system myself, I saw the regulatory failures firsthand and how many children fall through the cracks of a curriculum susceptible to abuse,” Angela said.

Homeschooled kindergarten through freshman year of high school, Angela enrolled in a dual program where she earned an associate’s degree and a high school diploma before going on to receive her Bachelor of Science in Biology from the University of Florida. She is currently pursuing a Master of Science from Nova Southeastern University – Orlando. Angela comes to the role of executive director with an understanding of research protocols, advocacy experience on state legislative issues, and a passion for service.

Angela’s interest in research was sparked when she saw wide gaps in the outcomes that homeschooled students achieve. She enjoys examining through her research the fundamental question of why people’s lives take different paths – an interest she’s explored in past projects that also intersects with CRHE’s research focus. 

“We are thrilled to welcome Angela as our executive director,” said Chair of the Board of Directors Carmen Longoria-Green. “We know she will be an energetic, passionate, and committed advocate for homeschooled children. Her research experience will bring an analytical and strategic lens to CRHE’s ongoing research work. CRHE’s work is more important than ever, and we are excited to see what CRHE will accomplish under her leadership.”

The Board of Directors extends its deepest thanks to Jeremy C. Young and Kieryn Darkwater for serving as interim executive directors during the executive search, and to the donors who contributed to the fundraising campaign to raise the initial salary for this role. Your commitment fuels our vision – a future where homeschooled children’s right to a comprehensive and empowering education and to a safe and supportive home environment is affirmed and protected by laws, stakeholders, and society as a whole. With your help, CRHE will continue to grow and expand our activities and our reach, fulfilling our mission to empower homeschooled children.


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