All parents intending to homeschool are required to provide notice and outline an education plan each year for each child who will be homeschooled. Language Arts, Mathematics, Science and Social Studies are required core subjects. Parents must provide annual progress reports for each student however no standardized tests or assessments are required. 


Part XIV section 260 of the Public Schools Act requires parents intending to homeschool to provide a written notice of intent for each child of compulsory school age. This notice must be sent via Student Notification Form to the Manitoba Education and Training before September   A new notification must be sent each year the student is homeschooled.

In addition to providing student details, parents are required to outline their education plans for the core subject areas listed on the notification form. Manitoba Education and Training will process this notice and send a confirmation of enrolment letter to the parent. 



Days or Hours:



Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies


It is recommended that parents keep a portfolio of student work to evaluate progress through time. Parents should maintain copies of homeschooling confirmation of enrolment letter, as well as copies of homeschooling progress reports.


In accordance with section  260.1(4) of the Public School Act, Parents are required to submit progress reports for each student.  Reporting is generally conducted in June. Homeschool Liaisons may contact home educators regarding the program outlined for the child’s progress. On the progress reports, the parent will mark each student’s progress in the required subject areas listed on the progress report package. The parent alone determines if the student’s work is “satisfactory,” no standardized assessments are required.


If there is concern about educational neglect of a homeschooled child, the concern(s) must be put in writing and sent to the Homeschooling Office at:

1567 Dublin Avenue
Winnipeg MB  R3E 3J5

If preferred, concerns may be sent via email to:  

To speak with the homeschooling liaison prior to submitting a written concern call the Homeschooling Office at: 204-945-8138. The concern will be reviewed by a homeschool liaison. Privacy of the homeschool family, as well as the individual making the report will be maintained throughout the review process. 

Services available


There is no legislation requiring schools to allow homeschooled students to participate in athletic programs or school clubs.

Distance learning 

Manitoba students may opt to participate in Distance Learning through the Alberta Distance Learning Center in order to take courses through a flexible online, or print-based program. Parents of homeschooled students should notify the Manitoba Homeschooling Office prior to registering students for Alberta Distance Learning.

Contacts for additional information or assistance:
1-780-674-5333 ext. 5360
or 1-866-774-5333, ext. 5360.

Independent Study Option

Grades 9-12 may participate in the Manitoba Independent Study Option (ISO). This program provides a flexible option for students to complete courses independently with email and phone access to a tutor. Credit will be assigned to distance learners who successfully complete a course through ISO. Diplomas may also be issued to students utilizing this option who complete Manitoba graduation requirements.

Part Time Enrollment 

There is no legal requirement for public schools to allow part-time participation for homeschooled students, however the schools are highly encouraged to do so. Homeschooled students wishing to enroll in a public schools to complete specific courses while completing the rest of their courses at home should contact their local schools to make arrangements. 

Recognition for Completion of Grade 12

May be acquired upon request by the home educator. Homeschoolers may contacting the Homeschooling Office for more information. 


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