Share Your Support for Reform

Our Voices for Reform section is our way of promoting the thoughts and experiences of homeschool alumni and homeschooling parents who favor oversight of homeschooling. When making a submission for our Voices for Reform section, you may choose to use your full name, your first name and last initial, or a pseudonym. We respect your privacy. 

Your submission should:

  • be roughly 1000 words long
  • be written in the first person and should draw on your homeschool experience
  • explain why you are in favor of homeschool oversight today
  • discuss how oversight would have helped you or others you knew

While you may find it helpful to discuss or allude to the experiences of other homeschoolers you knew growing up, this should be done without providing identifying details and while centering your own story and your personal journey.

Prompts for homeschool graduates:

  • What quality of education did you and others in your homeschool community receive?
  • How has the quality of your education affected you or others you know?
  • If you or someone you knew knew experienced child abuse, did homeschooling play a role in concealing this abuse?
  • What level of oversight did the state you were homeschooled in have?
  • Do you feel better oversight would have improved your experience? How?
  • What convinced you to support oversight of homeschooling?

Prompts for homeschool parents:

  • What does/did your homeschooling look like? What quality of education do you see provided by other homeschool parents?
  • What level of oversight does the state you homeschool (or homeschooled) in have? How has this oversight affected you?
  • How do you think increased or more effective oversight might affect your homeschooling and that of other homeschool parents you know/knew?
  • What convinced you to support oversight of homeschooling?

These prompts are designed to get you thinking; you do not have to respond to all of them.

To make a submission, please fill out our online form.