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Voice Your Support for CRHE!

We have recently added a new feature to our website—a new way for individuals supportive of our mission to voice that support and contribute to our efforts. Our Signatures section allows individuals—including homeschool alumni, homeschooling parents, and others—to show their support by adding their name and a brief message.

As advocates for homeschooled children, we are well aware that the support of homeschool alumni, homeschooling parents, and other individuals in our communities is crucial to improving homeschooled students’ wellbeing and promoting basic oversight of home education. As such, we have long encouraged a variety of individuals to contribute to our efforts by sharing their voices. Our Testimonials section showcases some of these voices, providing a platform for homeschooling parents and homeschool alumni supportive of accountability for home education.

Our Signatures section augments our Testimonials section by offering a less time intensive way for our supporters to add their voice to our efforts. It’s easy! All you have to do is enter your name (first and last name or first name only), your email address (for our internal use only), and a brief message of your support for our mission. Click through and add your voice!