We’re excited to offer a 16-week online Introduction to Home Education course for homeschooling parents.

— Develop an individualized education plan for your child
— Choose and personalize your child’s curriculum
— Fulfill your state’s learning requirements
— Keep track of your progress and milestones.

Along the way, we’ll be here to answer questions and brainstorm with you. We can’t wait to see you in class, and we’re excited for all you and your child will learn together!

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We believe that homeschooling is a valid educational option, but that it should have basic safeguards to help ensure homeschooled children’s wellbeing and interest in obtaining an education. Many homeschooled children have positive experiences and benefit from the flexibility and innovation homeschooling offers; others suffer from educational neglect or are abused and find their ability to seek help severely curtailed. Whether a parent is kind or abusive, motivated or apathetic, has a great impact on the child’s homeschool experience. It is our hope to help you, as a member of the media, accurately and effectively report on homeschooling.

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