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The legal form homeschooling takes varies widely from state to state. In some states, parents homeschool under a homeschool statute while in other states they homeschool under the private laws. Depending on the state, parents may also homeschool through “umbrella” schools or, if they have teaching certificates, under private tutor statutes. Some states have multiple legal options for homeschooling, each with varying requirements.

Because there is such variety in homeschooling law, we have created a legal overview for each state. These overviews include the state’s homeschooling requirements, what services the state offers homeschoolers, a brief history of the state’s homeschooling law, and a list of links to various resources, including official state webpages on homeschooling. We update these pages regularly, paying special attention to changes in the state’s homeschooling law.

For an overview that shows the level of oversight and requirements in each state, click HERE. For overviews of specific aspects of state law, such as notification or assessment requirements, see the sidebar above. For our overview of your state, click your state on the map above.


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