How Can I Support CRHE?

How Can I Support CRHE?

Whether you’re a homeschool alum, a homeschool parent, or simply a concerned citizen, you can support our efforts and promote our advocacy in a number of ways.

1. Add Your Name

Show your support by adding your name to our supporters page! Include a brief message about your support for CRHE and for protections for homeschooled children.

2. Get Our Newsletter

Sign up for The CRHE VOICE! Receive our newsletter by email at the beginning of each month and keep up with what we’ve been doing and what we have planned.

3. Follow Us on Twitter and Facebook

By following the CRHE twitter account and the CRHE Facebook page, you can help us spread the word! You can also follow the HIC twitter account and the HIC Facebook page.

4. Become an Advocate

If you are a homeschool alum or a current or former homeschooling parent, you can become a CRHE Advocate!

5. Write a Testimonial

If you are a homeschool alum or current or former homeschooling parent, you’re invited to write a testimonial sharing your experiences and thoughts!

6. Contribute Financially

If you have the means, donate to CRHE! Your donations help us cover our day-to-day expenses and continue our efforts to advocate for homeschooled children!

7. Volunteer for CRHE

If you have time and would like to contribute, you can become a CRHE volunteer!

8. Contact Your Representatives

Learn about your state’s homeschool law and our policy recommendations, then contact your state representatives and ask them to better protect your state’s homeschooled children!

9. Write a Letter to the Editor

If your local newspaper runs an article on homeschooling, write a letter to the editor to let them know what you liked or what you found incomplete about their coverage!

10. Spread the Word

Whether in person or on social media, be vocal about your support for homeschool oversight and the importance of protections for homeschooled children!