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Homeschool Law

Learn about Your State’s Homeschool Law

Social Services

How I Was Almost Rescued from Abuse


The “Unsocialized Homeschooler” and “Uneducated Homeschooler” Narratives How Can I Socialize My Homeschooled Child? Homeschooling and Social Interaction Q&A What About Socialization?

Math Education

Should We Be Concerned about Low Homeschool SAT-Taking? New Homeschool Data Raises Questions About STEM Access The Homeschool Math Gap: The Stories The Homeschool Math Gap: The Data

Successful Homeschooling

My Parents’ Homeschooling Methods Empowered Me to Follow My Dreams How My Parents’ Homeschooling Choices Gave Me an Excellent Education My Parents Homeschooled Me Successfully (Here’s How!)

Responsible Homeschooling

Perspective for Homeschool Parents: Your Rights versus Your Children’s Rights Information for Homeschool Parents Worried about Other Families Resources and Advice for Homeschool Parents Feeling Overwhelmed