Become a CRHE Advocate!

If you were homeschooled—or have homeschooled your own children—and are interested in advocating for homeschooled children, you’ve come to the right place!

At CRHE, we work to create better protections for homeschooled children. We believe reasonable and effective oversight is necessary to ensure that homeschooled children receive a good education in a safe home environment. We also believe that homeschooled children should have access to curricular and extracurricular activities in their local public schools.

As part of our advocacy, we connect reporters and others with local individuals like yourself who are willing to draw on their homeschool experiences to speak in favor of oversight and access. By filling out this form, you’ll become one of our advocates! Your voice is important. We want to amplify it!

Confidentiality note: You may ask a reporter to use a pseudonym if you do not want your name in print. This list will not be published online or released publicly in any way. 

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