Chapter Program


We’re excited to offer a 16-week online Introduction to Home Education course for homeschooling parents.

— Develop an individualized education plan for your child
— Choose and personalize your child’s curriculum
— Fulfill your state’s learning requirements
— Keep track of your progress and milestones.

Along the way, we’ll be here to answer questions and brainstorm with you. We can’t wait to see you in class, and we’re excited for all you and your child will learn together!

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Chapter Program

CRHE Chapter Program

What is the Chapter Program and how does it work?

The Coalition for Responsible Home Education is a nationwide organization that empowers homeschooled children by educating the public and advocating for child-centered, evidence-based policy and practices for families and professionals. While we’ve made progress raising awareness of the urgent need for laws that center the needs of homeschooled children, we’ve become increasingly aware of the challenges of interacting in state-level issues as a national organization; this is why we are creating a Chapter Program.

Our chapters will be a hub of connection between currently homeschooling families, local elected officials, community resources, and homeschool alumni. CRHE chapter organizers will work with groups and services that already exist and collaborate with policymakers, education professionals, and homeschooling parents to improve the homeschool experience by advocating for accountability and equal access to programs for homeschooled children.


A chapter must consist of at least 3 committed organizers before becoming recognized.  Every chapter will have at least one delegated person of contact with CRHE. That person will report to the Chapter Program Coordinator at regular intervals and as needed should unforeseen circumstances arise.

Every chapter will abide by the terms of operation laid out in the CRHE bylaws and all state and federal laws. Whatever is not determined in CRHE bylaws is left for the organizers in the state chapters to decide. State chapter organizers are empowered to determine the strategies that will work best for organizing in their state. 


The chapter organizers are empowered to decide which methods are most effective for organizing in their state, and determine which areas to focus on. The organizers of CRHE state chapters are responsible for:

  • Providing resources and information about homeschooling in the state to the public
  • Tracking state legislation
  • Writing and publishing press releases about state legislation as needed
  • Establishing relationships with legislators, homeschool organizations, educators, and alumni
  • Organizing volunteers to write local elected officials in support of home education reform
  • Providing testimony in legislative sessions


Chapters will advocate for policy changes that are in-line with CHRE’s policy proposals that are easily found on the CRHE website. Any organizer who has suggestions for better or more effective policy proposals are welcome and encouraged to reach out to the Chapter Program Coordinator who will then connect the chapter organizer with CHRE’s policy analysts.

Additionally, chapters are encouraged to engage in advocacy activities in line with CRHE’s mission by tabling at homeschool conventions, providing resources and assistance to the local homeschool community, and organizing public awareness campaigns.

How can I get involved?

Fill out the form below! When a state has 3 or more people interested in starting a chapter, the Chapter Program Coordinator will get in touch! Or check out the FAQ to learn more.