Kieryn Darkwater, Director of Outreach

Kieryn Darkwater helped found CRHE in 2013, and served as both Tech Director and Board Member until 2019 when they stepped down to focus on volunteer management and outreach programming.

Kieryn has spent most of their lifetime as an activist, bridging the gap between grassroots organizing and technology. Homeschooled through high-school and graduated at age 15, they taught themselves how to code, write, and organize.

As an educationally deprived homeschooled student who spent more time raising their 7 siblings than studying, Kieryn is passionate about the need for accountability in home education, and increasing awareness about the pitfalls as well as the advantages of homeschooling.

Kieryn lives in Oakland, California, where they are establishing the first local chapter of CRHE and organize for city accessibility with East Bay for Everyone.