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Chapter FAQ

Chapter FAQ How do you start a chapter? A chapter must consist of at least 3 committed organizers before becoming recognized.  Every chapter will have at least one delegated person of contact with CRHE. That person will report… Read More

Chapter Program

CRHE chapters will be a hub of connection between currently homeschooling families, local elected officials, community resources, and homeschool alumni. CRHE chapter organizers will work with groups and services that already exist and collaborate with policymakers, education professionals, and homeschooling parents to improve the homeschool experience by advocating for accountability and equal access to programs for homeschooled children.

State Histories of Homeschooling

Milton Gaither, educational historian and author of Homeschool: An American History, once described difficult task of writing the legal history of homeschooling as follows: One of the greatest achievements of the homeschooling movement was the legalization of homeschooling in… Read More

How to Report Homeschool Educational Neglect by State

Reporting a homeschool family for educational neglect should not be done lightly. Please read our Recognizing a Problem page for help recognizing educational neglect in a homeschool setting. However, if you have reasonable cause to suspect that educational neglect is… Read More

Homeschool Sports Access by State

In some states, homeschooled students participate in public school athletics alongside other students. In other states, they are banned from participating. In other states, homeschooled students are barred from participation in public school athletics. The trend in recent… Read More

Designing Your Own Curriculum

While new homeschooling parents are often attracted to complete curriculum packages, homeschooling also offers the ability to tailor a curriculum to your individual child. Home educators often rely on purchased curriculum for some subjects while creating their own… Read More

Kelley Richey: “My mom let her mental health issues seep into every aspect of our lives”

“Mom would tell me that I was refusing to learn how to read because I didn’t love her. That really triggered so much anxiety in me as a youngster trying my very best to understand new concepts that… Read More

How to Start Homeschooling during COVID-19

Many families who may never have thought of homeschooling are considering homeschooling this fall due to the COVID-19 pandemic. At the Coalition for Responsible Home Education, we advocate for children who are homeschooled. This is more important than… Read More

Take Action

Want to help educate your legislators on how their bills will impact homeschooled children? Learn everything you need to know!

Rebecca A.: “I feel I have been denied the opportunity to live up to my potential”

“My days revolved around taking care of my siblings and our home. Our mother would leave her bedroom periodically to yell at us for being too noisy and messy. I spent most of my teenage years being overwhelmed… Read More